A Woman A Day

Not nearly as good as Farmer’s other Beacon Galaxy novel, Flesh, but much harder to find.

Published in 1960 as Beacon 291

Estimated Value: $ 75


This book has it all. It is one of Philip Jose Farmer’s best novels and has an incredibly campy but well done cover. Of all the Beacon Galaxy novels this is the one you will actually want to read.

A spaceship returns to Earth after 800 years in space and discovers society has crumbled and fallen into pagan worship. The ships captain is elected to be the Sun God and has stag antlers grafted on his head to give him sexual potency. His task is to impregnate as many women in six months as possible before becoming a ritual sacrifice.

Published in 1960 as Beacon 277

Estimated Value: $ 60

The Deviates

A good dynamic Robert Stanley cover makes this a real pleasure to behold. Beacon knew how to re-title novels to make them more appealing, the original title was The Secret People.

Published in 1959 as Beacon 242

Estimated Value: $ 40

The Male Response

This one has a slightly higher value due to the combination of a highly regarded author and an identifiable cover artist in Robert Stanley. The cover is just alright for me, a bit under done.

Published in 1961 as Beacon 305

Estimated Value: $ 50

Odd John

One of the harder ones to find. An outstanding cover. This is a good example of how our perception of beauty changes over time. To our modern eyes the naked woman appears a bit heavy but by 50’s standards she is perfection, hippy and voluptuous.

Published in 1959 as Beacon 236

Estimated Value: $ 40

Pagan Passions

A nice cheesecake cover that is easy on the eyes. “Forced to make love to beautiful women!” Yeah, right. The novel is about the greek gods coming back and settling in modern New York city. I assume the reclining female is Aphrodite.

Published in 1959 as Beacon 263

Estimated Value: $ 30

The Sex War

We’re back to the dark stuff with this cover. a war between sexless puritans and people who want to have sex, sounds like the Republicans and the Democrats. Although this cover falls below Beacon’s usual high standards it does convey action and sells the title well.

Published in 1960 as Beacon 284

Estimated Value: $ 30

Virgin Planet

Another bondage themed Beacon Galaxy but this time the women have the upper hand. Unlike your average dominant female themed book cover our hero looks as though he’s enjoying his predicament. This cover has a bright innocent feel to it. Sleaze doesn’t have to be dark and transgressive, sometimes it can just be sexy.

Published in 1960 as Beacon 270

Estimated Value: $ 40

The Mating Cry

This is one of the more difficult Beacon Galaxy novels to find. It is a standout in the series because of its bondage and whipping theme and the tagline on the cover which reads “I have come to pay my debt-in the way I discovered men prefer.” The painted cover is really top notch. As I like to point out, the perspective and use of foreground, middle and background are what give it that extra something. Your eye is immediately drawn to victimized woman than back out to the three men who are menacing her.

Published in 1960 as Beacon 298

Estimated Value: $ 60

Troubled Star

Probably the easiest Beacon Galaxy to find.

Published in 1959 as Beacon 256

Estimated Value: $ 30