The Grifters

regency_griftersThe high dollar value for this Thompson original is due to what would have been a low print run. I am not 100% sure but I’ve heard Regency was a kind of vanity press for famed sleaze publisher Greenleaf. The story is that Harlan Ellison asked the owner of Greenleaf, William Hamling, for an outlet to publish his respectable works. How Ellison got a hold of this book must be an interesting story. This is one of Thompson’s best and the film adaptation by Stephen Frears in 1990 set off the Thompson Hollywood movie rush.

Published in 1963 as Regency RB 322

Estimated Value: $ 300

Hippie Harlot


Bonfils at the height of his career. I would love to read this book.

Published in 1967? as Adult AB 409

Estimated Value: $ 80

Carnal Carnival


A nice Robert Bonfils cover.

Published in 1965 as Leisure LB 1116

Estimated Value: $ 50

Love Thy Neighbor’s


This is a late period Robert Bonfils cover. Very colorful!

Published in 1970 as Candid 1017

Estimated Value: $ 50

The Sadist


Another example of Greenleaf’s S&M titles. This is Robert Bonfils’ first cover for the publisher. While researching this title I discovered a new website called Greenleaf Classic Books. It looks like an incredible source of information for this major sleaze publisher. For example they say this book was pseudonymously written by Lawrence Block. I’m pretty sure this is correct.

Published in 1962 as Nightstand NB 1629

Estimated Value: $ 100

Passion Web


This is an early Robert Bonfils cover for Greenleaf and one of the first sleaze paperbacks I ever discovered. I was a teenager at the time and didn’t understand anything about human sexuality. I thought the S&M depicted was some kind of aberration. It only took me a few more years of vintage paperback collecting to realize there were hundreds of books like this.

Published in 1964 as Pillar PB 830

Estimated Value: $ 30

Governed By Lust


99% sure it’s a Bonfils’ cover but has an unfinished feel to it. It may have been a collaboration with him and another artist. I think it may have been inspired by the Marianne Faithfull film Girl On A Motorcycle which I highly recommend.

Published in 1969 as Candid Reader CA965

Estimated Value: $ 40

Sin Seance


A rare and classic Greenleaf book with great crossover appeal. This book would fit easily into the Young Adult Supernatural Fiction category so popular in bookstores today (with a few tweaks).

Published in 1968 as Candid Reader CA940

Estimated Value: $ 100

The Ravisher


I’ll give this one to Robert Bonfils for sure. A nasty, dark cover from the Summer of Love.

Published in 1967 as Candid Reader CA918

Estimated Value: $ 60

Beloved Bitch


I think this is a Robert Bonfils cover but I’m not certain. I believe the lady on the cover  is dead which is kind of gross but the composition of the cover is superb. I am posting a batch of quality Greenleafs so enjoy!

Published in 1968 as Candid Reader CA942

Estimated Value: $ 40